Construct an UFO rotating kite

On this page you will find a brief construct description of an UFO rotating kite
A kiteplan can not be given. This kite also named ´Modern UFO rotor´ is copyrighted. Therefore this is not a plan but a short description of my experience with the construction of the kite.
The UFO kite is made from 2 ovals. The ovals I have experimented with several dimensions from about 43 x 33 cm to 40 x 21 cm. The narrow ovals has better flying quality´s.
The ovals are made from about 1 meter, 1 mm fiber. To make a good oval 1 have used tape to form the fiber frame.
After that, I have made a trace off on paper of it to make the second oval and to calculate and draw the exact middle.
The second oval is about 5 mm narrower than the first oval.

I have experimented with aluminiumcaoted ripstop nylon and silvercolored polyesterfoil. The surface of the ovals must beconnected very tight. The alluminum or silvercoating is reflecting verry good in the sun!
The ribstop must be sewed, the polyesterfilm can be sealed with heat.
The surface of the biggest oval (the ears) is made from 2 peaces with an overlap of about 5 mm. Between the two parts the smaller oval (the wing) will be placed and glued ore sewed like a hinge.
If you use ribstop nylon you must make a kind of tunnel on the smaller oval for the spindle.
The tunnel for the spindle and the sewing or fixing together of the two ovals must be done very presice. The balance and stability of the kite are strongly depending on that. Because of the centrifugal power the bigger oval (ears) will be stand vertical and become the keel of the kite. The 2 parts of the ears must be perfect in balance!.

The spindle of the kite is made from 3mm carbon tubing a several cm larger than the oval´s
The bridle is connected on the middle one of three nylon rings that are connected at the end of the spindel with a several peaces nylon tube. This middle ring is a little bit bigger than the other ones.
You can see that on the picture.
To prevent that the spindel of the ribstop example can move I have also used 2 peaces of nylon tube with 2 rings. This is not necessary for the spindle of the kite made from polyesterfoil, because for that you can use tape.
Be sure the kite can rotate freely.

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