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Programs for Sharp Calculators
(Graphing Calculators EL-9600, EL-9650, EL-9900)


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Don't you have any experience in programming the Sharp calculator?
No need to worry about that! Call in the next explanation.
Creating a Program for the Sharp EL calculator
Label 5
Input X
Label 6
Print X
(The screen examples slightly
differ from Sharp pictures)

Landing  Dutch
 Versnelling, tijdstip, snelheid, hoogte, brandstofsaldo Set an aircraft down safely. To avoid a crash, evaluate flight data and inject carefully considered amounts of fuel into the retrorocket.
If playing with dynamic physics is one of your favourite avocations, the virtual landing device might turn out to be a real challenge. However, you will need a Sharp calculator and some knowledge of the Dutch language.

Linear Regression
 Linear regression Linear regression is a statistical tool that helps you to determine the "best-fitting" straight line for any given set of experimental data. In the relationship  y = ax + b  the constants a and b are being determined.
This Sharp EL program is a limited version of the program Regression which has been written for the Texas Instruments calculators.

 Hit at the fifth attempt  Mastermind, after four attempts Have a hunt for a secret number. Here the colors of the familiar game have been replaced by numerals. Available 'colors' are the numerals from 1 to 9. The usual four digit length of the secret number can be changed to make the game easier or more difficult to play.

Orbital Quantities of Satellites
 Orbital radius equals 1.13 times earth's equatorial radius  Period, altitude (height), orbital radius, number of earth radii Calculate a variety of quantities in relation to the earth centred circular motion of artificial satellites. After putting a value of one of the following six quantities into for instance a Sharp EL-9600, the other quantities will be computed:
the period of the satellite (h),
the altitude of the satellite above earth's equatorial surface (km),
the orbital radius (km),
the orbital velocity (m/s),
the centripetal acceleration (m/s),
and the angular velocity (in °/min and rad/s).
In addition, the escape velocity (m/s), the kinetic energy (MJ/kg),
the potential energy (MJ/kg) and some more quantities will be presented.

Weighted Average  —  Gewogen gemiddelde  Dutch
Using weighing factors, the program enables your calculator to compute the weighted average of one or more sequences of numerical data in a user-friendly way. Particular attention has been given to the calculation of the final average mark over class tests and exams. The linked page comes to you in Dutch.


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Sharp calculators:
Sharp EL-9600, Sharp EL-9650, Sharp EL-9900.

 Sharp EL-9600  Sharp EL-9650  Sharp EL-9900