This page is intended to give a short description of different technical topics.

Especially I will try to describe past and ongoing construction projects.

All feedback is most welcome PA5DD/OZ1DOQ

Layout of my local computer network
GPRS tips
DX-pedition site planning using RadioMobile
How to track a meteor shower radiant in WSJT6
Digital peak power meter for VHF/UHF
Read all about my Microwave control station !
Follow the evolution of my first generation 24 GHz transverter:

LO + DSB transverter + antenna + waveguide filter + 4-stage HEMT HPA/LNA + transfer relay

= The finished transverter  

The story of how I managed to use my HP432 power meter on 24GHz after all

New combined 24 & 47 GHz second generation transverter

See my 144 MHz pre-amp using a MGF1801 GaAs-FET

Modifications for ICOM 275 / 475 / 575 / 1275
View my home-built RX1AS 144 MHz PA

View my home-built K2RIW 432 MHz PA

View the big tube in my Hallicrafter HLA-1KA HF PA
70 MHz modification of ACOM 1000 PA
Tri-band microwave feed WA3RMX
Tri-band microwave feed WA5VJB
Read my paper on: 10 GHz rain scatter
Read my article: Tips for operating a multiband station