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Appreciative Inquiry in church

learning with each other about AI

wo/man and computer: an old computer joke

what is the time?

  Saturnus moon TITAN

genealogical trees: Boonstra, Veenstra, Werkema, Sikkema, Broeils
All the parents grandparents etc. 'kwartierstaat' of Fenna en Joost Beukema,
and a part of
an international genealogical emailgroup about Boonstra.

mensa-members and cycling in the Netherlands
Lilian and Menno and their sons and daughter

born: KARST Beukema

I am Dutch woman who likes to travel abroad,
as you can see from the links on this page.
My family also have interesting things on the internet,
as you will see. I hope you will enjoy my site!
Start with the site of Karst Jan, my father.

One of the family,
my brother Jan Boonstra, lives abroad,
so his writings are mostly in English.
Jan lives in Korea now
and he has lots of interests!

Do you like cycling? Have a look! Jan has interesting cycling stories.
see: [Bicycle -> Cycling pages]
Do you want to know something about the history of Korea?
He can help you to find out.
see: [Korea -> Culture and History]
Did you know that the first visitors :-)
from Europe to Korea were Dutch? Look at the Hamel pages!
see: [Korea -> Culture and History -> Hendrik Hamel]

Sister Lilian and her beloved Menno
are parents now.

Their third little one arrived,
and he has already made himself
known in the virtual world:

name : 'karst beukema'



Now the links which are connected with my own life:

the church het LDC

I studied theology and I have worked 23 years
as counsellor for ministers in church.
Nowadays I am preacher and writer and editor in a church magazine:

Ouderlingenblad Ouderlingenblad

new !

Appreciative Inquiry in church

learning with each other about AI

Here is a site for/from ministers about study-objects, it is written in dutch.

Many of the other churches in Europe can also be found on the internet.
This is done by ECIC, which organizes conferences about churches and internet.

Also interesting is the site of
the community of Taizé in France.

My new interest: Appreciative Inquiry


Last decade I was very busy with genealogical trees.

First of all I put our Boonstra-tree on the web, after that the Veenstra one, Werkema
and also with Broeils Broeils go back till 1450! And Sikkema from 1600

They all are my ancestors.

There is also an interesting emailgroup for everyone who is interested in Boonstra-genealogy
and a letter for boonstra's [in dutch]


Travelling through Indonesia is one thing
I did a lot last years. China, India, Tibet

Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the city of Istanbul

Info is to be found on Facebook and Google+

Before that it was Britain Wales is one of my
especially favourite places. Much info
is to be found in the library of Wales
See the seven wonders of Wales!

What about cycling in Europe?
Special for women!

Another country I also like to be is Sweden.
is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe!

I like to travel in all of the Scandinavian countries!
A new topic is India.
I was in Delhi, Jaipur, and other places around Delhi
see this wonderfull site of the TAJ MAHAL



The weather is a subject I am interested in. There are several websites about weather. Try the Weather page of the Electronic Telegraph. More specialised are the British and Swedish meterological information for pilots.


I am a member of Mensa in the Netherlands. Mensa is an international organisation with connections to Swedish Mensa (I like reading Swedish!), where you can find more information.


This is all it up until now!
Come back again, when there will be more to read.


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Last update: 1-9-2017