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Some explanation:

In the Netherlands there are many families with the surname Boonstra.
As far as we know they all have their roots in Friesland,
a region in the North of the Netherlands.
In 1811 Napoleon wanted that everyone has a surname,
and people had to choose a name.
Our ancestor Feike Sjoerds chose Boonstra.
He lived in Achtkarspelen, Surhuizum.

Many people who chose this name did have ancestors from the area of the little stream called Boorne,
and the town 'Oldeboorn'.
" stra " does mean: from that area, or from that place.
Boo(r)n-stra is then the name that does come up
The problem with our family is that we cannot find connections
from the area of the Boorne, probably there must be other roots as well for this name.
But all names with the end of " stra " are sure Frisian [Friesland]

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There are probably 70 different families which chose Boonstra.
So, when you look at this family tree,
it can be that you do not see any name connected with your (great)grandparents.
Probably you are not family then.
But when in your family is f.ex
Sjoerd, Feike-Durk,Tjerk-Jan Luitzen-Klaas-Tjerk- Wiebe-Eeuwe, Durk-Wiebe Harm- Karst-Dirk-Focko, Karst-Pieter-Derk
Hendrik- Harm-Tjerk
then you can have a look further!
surnames in alphabetical order
christian names of Boonstra's in alphabetical order




There are three types of pages:


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There is also a translation-page with the most used dutch words, translated in english.


Four pages with the family-tree
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about parents - children - grandchildren - etc.
One of those pages has also an english version ,
there we find the emigrated families of Feike and Saaktje Boonstra-Schaafsma.

Here are the pages:

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There are also many pages with detailed information.
The numbering is related with generations.
Generation 0 starts in 1713!
In generation 2 we find the name Boonstra.
The pages 5.1, 7.3 and 7.4 also have an english version.

here are the other pages:

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there are more trees made by Nelleke Boonstra:
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